Testimony On Spending $12,000 Each On 2 R Series E-Bikes

Testimonial by Randol C. from Santa Monica, CA

“How do you justify spending $12000 on a bicycle? You don’t. How do you justify spending $12,000 on a second car, local commuter vehicle, and high-end mountain bike all wrapped into one? Easy. Its called an Optibike.Continue reading

New Pioneer Citi Electric Bike

Pioneer Citi Electric Bike

Pioneer Citi Electric Bike with Easy On-Easy Off Frame

We are pleased to announce the new Optibike Pioneer Citi electric bike. The Citi is designed for the casual urban commuter.

With its Easy On-Easy Off frame and upright riding position it is perfect for commuting to the office or  riding to the golf course, park or swimming pool. Continue reading

90 Day Love It Or Return It E-Bike Guarantee-Real World Examples

Optibike’s 90 day love it or return it e-bike guarantee provides our customers the confidence and certainty that they are making the right choice for purchasing the perfect electric bike. We are highly confident everyone will absolutely love our Optibikes and it will change your life. Sometimes we are wrong and we do get a few people to return their Optibikes for a full refund or return it for another Optibike electric bike model.

Here are 3 real world examples of Optibike customers who have taken advantage of the 90 day love it or return it guarantee

1. Dennis F. in Palm Springs California purchased the R8 All Around Electric Bicycle and returned it for a full refund after 2 weeks because he decided he didn’t want an electric bike and a conventional mountain bike works just fine for him.

2. Andrew R. in Maryland purchased a R8 All Around Electric Bike and noticed it he needed more power for his type of riding. So, Andrew traded in his R8 for an R11 Electric Mountain Bike to better match his needs for speed and power.

3. Sam J. in Maryland purchased an R11 and it was way too fast and powerful for him. So, Sam traded in his R11 for an R8 All Around E-Bike to enjoy more leisure riding around town and still get a great workout with some fun and adventure.

Womens R8 Electric BikeWe believe it is important for you to have a full 90 days to ensure the Optibike is the perfect electric bike experience for you and changes your life for the better. We feel giving you 90 days instead of a 15 minute to 1 hour test ride is enough time to decide if it changes your life. If you don’t absolutely love your Optibike after 90 days of riding, return it for a full refund no questions asked.

The 90 day love it or return it guarantee eliminates your risk in making a bad purchasing decision, provides you more peace of mind and confidence to purchase and gives you an opportunity to change your life with an increase in fitness, happiness, joy and overall good times.

We are proud to announce that we have under 10 returns since we have been in business since 2006. Check out what some of our customers are saying about the best electric bike on the market.

Bike To Work Day And Optibike Electric Bikes

Bike To Work Day in Boulder is always an exciting time for us at Optibike. It’s a little extra special of a commute to and from work compared to most other days I commute on my Optibike electric bike. It’s like a 2nd summer holiday with so many people on bikes having a fun groovy time, smiling and laughing, dancing to the music at breakfast locations and hoping to win prizes at the giveaways. What better way to celebrate summer right before the 4th of July Holiday, than to participate in Bike to Work Day. Continue reading

Red Bull Project Update From The Endurance Team

As mentioned in our post last month, Red Bull High Performance Lab Chooses Optibike R11 Velodrome Bike, Tim Kyer traveled to California to pilot the Optibike e bike during the elite athlete tests. Red Bull wanted to find out how the brain of an elite athlete works, and and how it can be positively impacted for further athletic performance. The team worked with neuroscientists from Burke/Cornell to find out. Continue reading

A Great All-Around E-Bike

Testimonial by Jake Van Dewater
I love my Optibike R8 All Around electric bike. With its external touring battery, I am able to commute from Sioux Falls South, Dakota to Cameron, South Dakota which is over 31 miles one way with lots of rolling hills and not a lot of steep hill climbing. I ride for 1 ½ hours in pedal only mode and then switch to the hybrid option in a combination of eco and fast mode. It is a fantastic option for commuting long distance via motorized bike and getting in a great workout.

Easy Travel With The Optibike Electric Bike

Testimonial by Hal Bodman
My Optibike R8 All Around Electric Bike is awesome. With their amazing e-bike technology like the external touring battery, I travel 40-60 miles a day. I can make it to Mt. Hood from motorized bikewhere I live in Damascus, Oregon (70 miles away). It is also just a 20 mile ride into Portland  on my motorized bike for me. I climb a massive hill and breeze up there quite swiftly. I have so much fun and the Optibike electric bike is a blast. I have an attached trailer that I pick up a 50 pound bag of dog food and ride 15 miles each way to get it back home.  Continue reading