New Law Would Allow Electric Bikes On Trails in CA

A bill introduced into the California legislature in February 2014 would  allow electric bikes on trails. According to the California bill, any motorized bicycle  that has fully operative pedals and  an electric motor with a power output of no more than 750  watts, and is incapable of hitting speeds higher than 20 miles per hour would be classified as  a “low-speed electric bicycle” and allowed on all bicycle paths, equestrian trial, trial, bike way, etc.The Bill would still allow local communities to restrict use as they desired Continue reading

My Heart Centered Optibike Work Experience

One of the main reasons I joined Optibike was to help change peoples’ lives with the world’s finest electric bikes.  Indeed, Optibikes change peoples  lives. On a daily basis, I continue to be inspired by the stories of people who are now enjoying an increase in health, fitness, fun, adventure and aliveness. Continue reading

Neal’s Pioneer Allroad E-Bike Commute

Pioneer Allroad electric bike

I really enjoy my 10 mile round trip commute to and from work in Boulder taking in the beautiful views of the mountains, breathing in the fresh fair and soaking up the morning sunshine. I tend to switch up my commute with my conventional Trek mountain bike and the Pioneer Allroad electric bike. Continue reading

Optibike SIMBB E-Bike Out Climbs Copenhagen Wheel

Recently there has been lots of attention of the all in one electric bike wheel systems such as the Copenhagen Wheel. These wheels  offer convenience for the rider to adapt a regular bike to make a motorized bicycle with little effort.Copenhagen Wheel e-Bike

These wheels house the motor, battery and controller in the hub of the rear wheel. While easy to install, these wheels have their limitations in the performance area. The SIMBB electric bike by Optibike has more power, more torque, bigger battery an superior hill climbing ability.

e bike

Both the Copenhagen Wheel and Optibike SIMBB share the innovative all in one design where the motor, batteries and controllers are all in one unit. While the Copenhagen wheels has all the these components in the wheel, the Optibike SIMBB has everything in the bottom bracket mid drive area. This gives  the Optibike SIMBB  more performance where it counts in climbing hills. The SIMBB requires modifications found on the bicycle frame instead of the wheel.

While the Copenhagen Wheel houses all the components in the rear wheel, the SIMBB replaces the bottom bracket of the bicycle. The  advantages of the SIMBB are several:

1. Low center of gravity in center of bike

2. No added un-sprung weight to wheel which can cause handling problems.

3. Uses bicycle gears to allow for high efficiency hill climbing with an e-bike

4. Larger battery for longer range

5. More Power for faster hill climbing

6. Higher speeds due to gear system.

In Summary, the Copenhagen Wheel is simple to add to a regular bicycle to electrify it, but the SIMBB has overall superior performance, making a better electric bicycle. Now offered at an affordable price of only $5,700. The SIMBB e-bike is a great choice for anyone looking for great made in American quality and award winning design in a super package. Plus, Optibike is offering a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee on all electric bikes, a 1 year warranty on the entire Optibike electric bike and a 3 year / 30,000 mile warranty on the battery pack. You can’t get that with the Copenhagen Wheel.

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Alternative Transportation Part 4 – A Closer Look: Electric Bikes vs Bikes

In Part 1 of our Four Part Alternative Transportation Blog Series, Electric Bikes vs Cars, we discussed the benefits of using electric bikes vs. automobiles and what the yearly cost savings can be. In Part 2, Electric Bikes vs. The Bus, we found out how e bikes can save time, provide exercise, and  save you money over a bus. Part 3, Electric Bikes vs. The Subways, we discussed the limitations and frustrations that come with commuting via train or subway. Continue reading

What To Look For In An Electric Bike: Advances in Battery Technology

Today, our focus is on the one piece of equipment that now allows modern electric bikes to ride circles around those of the past; the battery.

Whether for weight loss, keeping fit, commuting or fun and adventure, electric bicycles (e-bikes) have seen a recent surge in popularity. The days of strapping a heavy and noisy  motor to the rear wheel with a conversion kit are well behind us. The best electric bikes today are true works of engineering art. Continue reading

Alternative Transportation Part 3 – A Closer Look: Electric Bikes vs Train/Subway

In Part 1 of our Four Part Alternative Transportation Blog Series, Electric Bikes vs Cars, we discussed the benefits of using electric bikes vs. automobiles and what the yearly cost savings can be. In Part 2, Electric Bikes vs. The Bus, we found out how e bikes can save time, provide exercise, and  save you money over a bus.

In this third installment,  we discuss electric bikes vs. trains and subways. In big cities like Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, and others, people are commuting via train and subway because they think it’s a better mode of transportation  than a car. However, there are many limitations and frustrations when commuting via train or subway, that an electric bike does not have.

Continue reading

Alternative Transportation Part 2 – A Closer Look: Electric Bikes vs The Bus

Last week, in Part 1 of our four part blog series on alternative transportation, we discussed the benefits of using electric bikes vs. a  car. We found that the yearly cost savings of using an e-bike can buy you a very nice vacation, and who wouldn’t want that?

Today we compare  electric bikes vs. the bus. Many people use public buses for their daily commute to and from work. Electric bikes have many advantages over the bus. Electric bikes save time, provide exercise and  save money over a bus.  Electric bikes also provide personal freedom to go where you want, when you want.  A bus can never do this.

No Waiting Unless the bus stop is right across the street from you, you need to walk a bit  to get to the bus stop. You need to leave your home early enough to arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes early in case the bus gets there early and takes off without you. Don’t be that person running down the street chasing the bus. If the bus does take off without you, you will need to wait anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour for the next bus to arrive. Even if you arrive on time, you still need to wait for the bus. With an electric bike, you control your time and leave when you are ready. Continue reading

What To Look For In An Electric Bike: Motor Drive Technology

The search for alternative means of transportation has led to a surge in ebike popularity over the last 5 years or so. The electric bike boom is here and you’ve decided to gear up and climb aboard. If you are new to the technology, the search for the best electric bicycle for your needs can be daunting.

It can be difficult to choose between different brands and models in a bicycle market now crowded with ebikes. How do you know what to look for? In the first installment of Optibike’s blog series built around “The Electric Bike Book”, we introduced you to electric bikes and gave you some initial considerations focused on intended use. Once you’ve answered these questions, you need to become familiar with one of the biggest factors impacting intended use, the electric  bicycle motor. Technological advancements in motors determine where, how often and how long you can enjoy your riding experience. Continue reading